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Ann is a born story teller. 

Journey to The Heart of Pachamama

This book was one of my greatest challenges and my most satisfying success. I have been a storyteller and an imaginative creator since childhood but I didn't use this skill to serve anything greater than writing in journals for decades ...until one day...a story unfolded so incredible I felt it was my duty to tell it.


This memoir takes place in Peru in 2008 while I was trying to find a deeper purpose than being an egoistic professional athlete. As I traveled alone fighting my demons in search of my true purpose– my life story unfolded before me and I had a chance to really see the big picture. You will be enchanted by the sights and smells of Peru, the people, their culture and my way of navigating it.

This story is raw and unfiltered told in a way that keeps you turning pages wanting to know what will happen next. This book is for anyone struggling with alcoholism (or knows someone who is) or if you plan to visit Peru, or if you are looking for love, or you just enjoy a good read. It's on Amazon, Dudley's bookstore in Bend, Oregon or if you are in Bend reach out to me for a signed copy. I do Book Clubs and bring a whole experience of videos, stories, and treasures from Peru for purchase. 


"What a beautiful ride! I cried, laughed, climbed mountains, hoped, cringed, learned, loved...
This story will change your perspective on what is truly important to you. You need not to have anything in common with some of the subject matter. Please write another book!!!!!"

- mshroyer

Amazing story! It's hard to believe that it really happened. It's inspirational and heart warming. You'll be motivated to accomplish your goals after you read Ann's journey to finding herself and helping others along the way. Her writing takes you away and it's easy to read this book in a few days. You won't want to put it down! I highly recommend this read!!

- Bree

 "I laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed this entire book. Literally, I could not put it down. The author uses colorful imagery to retell her journey through Peru while juxtaposing her past struggles through addiction, life, and dating. Not only was this book inspiring but I was also able to feel an emotional connection to the author, mentally partake in her many adventures and become inspired to find my own greater calling in life."

This book is similar to "Eat, Pray, Love" in that it tells the story of a woman on an epic journey to find herself but "Journey to the Heart of Pachamama" emphasizes the spiritual transformation that takes place inside the author when she discovers how to connect and serve others rather than focus on her own needs and desire. It's an amazing story of perseverance, self-discovery, and success. I highly recommend this book + 5 Stars!!!


"A friend of mine recommended this book since I was heading to Peru with my family. I was eager to read about this fascinating place I had wanted so badly to see through my own eyes. I was hoping to learn about some interesting areas to visit in Cusco; what I realized, however, was that this book was so much more than travel stories. It is a journey of finding one’s most authentic self, and it was EXACTLY what my soul needed."


"I am absolutely captivated with this candid and transformative memoir by Ann Windes. Her humor and honesty throughout her journey on the path toward realizing her fullest potential are inspiring. I love her descriptive writing style. She paints pictures with words and shares her innermost thoughts with the reader - letting you in on an intimate level. You will relate, laugh, wonder, empathize, and be enlightened on Peruvian culture. I enthusiastically give this book 5 stars!"


Baby Alpaca's Adventure

After spending the weekend with my daughter at Alpaca Country Estates in Terrebonne Oregon I big idea sparked in my mind. I spoke to Nancy and Art the couple who run the ranch if they were interested in having a children's book written for the legacy of their stunning ranch. That is where it all began and coming out in April 2020 will be my first children's book about a baby alpaca who escapes from his pen and goes on a grand adventure. He learns about what it is to be an alpaca and life on a working ranch. He meets many true to life characters like Classy the kissing alpaca, the one-eared barn mouse and many more. The incredibly talented Liz Brizzi partnered with me to illustrate the book. Readers will be enchanted by this story and its colorful artwork. You can visit Alpaca Country Estates and see all the characters in real life!

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