What issues have noticed with your teen lately?

Anxiety. Unmotivated. Lacking Focus. Poor Study Habits.

Poor Time Management. In a Slump.

Lack of Confidence.

Covid Depression. 

If you're reading this right now I'm guessing you are searching for solutions. You know your teenager has so much potential. Maybe she was motivated before Covid and now she's fallen in a slump. Perhaps there has been a slow decline or a challenge she hasn't bounced back from. Maybe you just know she's got a passion and shine inside that has been dulled.
The teen years are so critical for building a foundation for "adulting." If you want a positive, proactive approach to help build her self-esteem and discover her strengths then life coaching could be a good fit.

The time is now to help your teenager learn new tools for coping, growing, and  finding their flow (and glow!)

Each session is uniquely tailored to meet your daughter's needs.

Here are some elements I cover:

Discovering her signature strengths

Explore what's blocking her

Defining her values

Mindfulness Practices

Finding her flow state

Creating Habits and routines

Designing a "Me Recipe"

Clarifying her priorities

Establishing how she truly wants to feel

Making good friend choices

College preparation 

Taking Radical Responsibility 

Discovering her Love Languages (and yours)

Short and long term goal setting 



and much more

Does my teen need a youth life coach or a therapist?

One teen described it like this: Counseling is about the past; coaching is about the future. Therapy is the right fit for addressing trauma and diagnosable mental health concerns; teen coaching works for taking action to improve a good but not ideal life.

Another teen compared therapy and coaching like this: “My counselors gave me the same suggestions, but they never told me how. My coach helps me figure out my own solutions, based on my actual life and then guides me on how to make a plan to do it. ”

Free 30 MINUTE consultation to see if what I provide and what your teen meets are a good fit

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Coach Ann is amazing! She helps me in so many ways and has so many ideas. She knows how to relate to teenagers and adults very well and forms a real connection with you. I would highly recommend seeing her!

Coach Ann has been there for my 18-year-old daughter. My daughter leaves every session soaring, sparkling, standing so strong in herself and the belief in her own beautiful journey. She has felt the most profound shift in her journey, so empowered and strong and ready for her next life chapter! Ann has an incredible way of supporting a journey while strengthening the person from the inside. Her talents seem endless as I’ve watched her shift her hat from life coach to tutor to confidante to sports coach to therapist, always with an unwavering presence of mind that allows her to meet the particular needs of the individual at that moment. There’s a glow that I feel and see in my daughter that radiates from our time with Coach Ann! We know how deeply she cares and how hard she works to be there for us. It’s a feeling I wish everyone in this world could experience!

- Heidi H