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Are you wanting to forget 2020 ever happened?

Do you feel like you lost a bit of yourself this past year?

Do you feel a bit uninspired and unclear moving forward into 2021?

Do you feel like you have been resilient or has your foundation cracked?

Don't let this rare and powerful chance pass you by.

You will likely never in your lifetime go through something as hard as 2020.

Learn from it

Grow from it

Discover the strengths you never knew you had

Honor your resiliency

Get clear about what is truly important to you

Get clear about who stands by you during hard times

Get clear about what no longer serves you

NOW is the time to look back at the firestorm of 2020,

dust off the ashes and rise like a Phoneix! 

I will help guide and support you in getting FREE + CLEAR going into 2021. Join me for THREE LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES along with other incredible people who have had a challenging and inspiring 2020 so we can all connect and grow together. Step into 2021 with clarity and a dynamic outlook that supports you in feeling grounded, optimistic, and lit up.

Declare, "SELF CARE!" and carve out 90 minutes a week. 

Your future self will thank you. 

THREE Virtual Zoom Sessions 

90 minutes each

Sundays 9:00a.m.-11:30 a.m. PST

December 6,13,20

Live & Recorded

Cost $75

*Sign up with a friend

get $10 off each 

Register below

No upcoming events at the moment

Free + Clear testimonials

Ann’s Free & Clear workshop was a real treat. She created a safe, non-judgmental space for  us to reflect on the year. She brought together a community of individuals and invited them to connect. She also guided us through several meditations, and invited us to look at the past year both logically and from the heart. This process allowed me to reflect on what happened over the past year and also gave me the opportunity to move into the new year with confidence and intention. I highly recommend this course for anyone who would like a safe space to reflect on their year and anyone who would like the opportunity to clean their slate and move forward with confidence and grace.

-Jaime O

-Jamie Oseas

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