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Competitive mindsets are built through

purposeful training 

My role as a mindset coach is to teach athletes how to unlock their greatest potential,

to help build intrinsic confidence, identify the areas where athletes get stuck, 
d to guide them toward finding their flow state on and off the sporting field.

I am a former professional indoor and beach volleyball player, a coach for over 20 years, and a certified life coach and sports mindset coach. During my athletic career, I've experienced both solid unbreakable confidence and also the most fragile insecure place of doubting myself and my ability while on the world's biggest stage. I am deeply committed to teaching athletes how to retrain their brains so they can unlock their true potential. My sweet spot is volleyball mindset coaching but I work with all sports. Just wrapped up a program with a 70-year-old pickleball player.

You're never too young or old to optimize your mindset. 


Mindset Training Topics

  • Performing well under pressure

  • Dealing with social approval

  • Creating routines & rituals

  • Building visualization techniques

  • Dealing with failure

  • Finding a flow state more often

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Pro-Active communication  

  • Breaking down perfectionism

  • Recovering from mistakes   

  • Recovery from injury

  • Transition from high school sports to college

  • And much more...


"Ann Rivera first started working with me when I had just broken my leg at the start of my senior high school season. She worked with me to get through the immense struggles of that season, by focusing on healing and growth in other areas. She helped me become much more mentally tough so that I was prepared when I finally returned to the court. Besides helping me with my internal battles, she sets a great example of what it means to be strong and powerful. The way she carries herself and walks in her passion is truly inspirational. Her coaching has gotten me through my first collegiate pre-season. The connection I have developed with her is very strong, because of how she walked a very similar path as I am planning to do."
-Greta Davis 

We knew Ann as a beach volleyball coach. When my daughter started to really struggle with confidence, choices, and direction, I reached out to Ann not even knowing that she was a life coach for teen girls. Their first session was transcendent. My daughter emerged with a plan that she had created with Ann and seemed to even stand taller the rest of the day. It was an amazing catalyst for a positive shift. 


Her work with Ann this year has helped her learn how to shine her own light, and to center herself when she encounters conflicts, both internal and external. 


Part of her work with Ann was to envision both her inner villain (critic) and to see herself as her own superhero. In order to do that, she had to focus on the traits she wanted to develop instead of those that held her back. That is exactly the kind of thing that Ann does - she guides teens through a framework where they feel empowered to self-actualize. She teaches them the skills to let them be the superhero of their own story.


In my family’s story, Ann has been a major superhero. She came to us in a time of need and continues to offer support and mentoring. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


Jill W.

Head Coach Summit Volleyball Program

"Ann Rivera was an integral part of our success this past season for Summit Volleyball. There was a noticeable improvement in all players in their mental game and in the team as a whole. Through working with Ann the players and team became more confident, consistent, positive and empowered. She has a wonderful way of bringing out the best in players and they looked forward to her mental coaching sessions. The tools that Ann has taught our Summit volleyball players is not only invaluable on the court but will be lifetime tools these young ladies can carry with them forever. I highly recommend Ann and her Mindset Coaching to any team, organization or person seeking positive mental growth."


Alex. T

AIA Baseball Program
& JV Quarterback Summit High

"Ann Rivera, I don't know where I would be without her in my life. She has helped me so much to improve on the field and off the field. Ann has given me so many tools to be the best version of myself. I am so fortunate for Ann and glad she's in my life."


Abby T.

Varsity Summit High School

"Where do I begin? Ann is the best of the best and I'm not just saying that. She has talent like no other. She has helped me through so much from volleyball to what's going on in my life that I'm struggling with. She knows exactly what to say and gives me the tools I need to overcome my challenges. If you get a chance to have Ann in your life please take the opportunity to do so. She's an amazing human inside and out. She's incredibly intelligent and I promise you will not regret it. The tools Ann gives me are simple as changing my habits to my mindset on and off the court. I've been working with her for a year and I'm a whole new better person. I love Ann and so will you!


Cassie C.

Defensive Specialist NPJ

"Ann has worked with my daughter on both her technical and mental game, and the results have been powerful. Having the tools that Ann taught her to handle the big moments in a game played out on the courts at Nationals this summer, both as an individual and a team player. For any player looking to take their game to the next level, I highly recommend working with Ann!" 


Hannah R.

Eastern Oregon University
Defensive Specialist

I struggle with finding the words to describe the extraordinary person Ann is to me. I began working with Ann my senior year of high school, and I am now a sophomore at Eastern Oregon University, and play on the volleyball team. As a teenager, I struggled a lot with confidence, doubt, fear, and anxiety in sports and in life. Working with Ann has opened my mind to a brand new world where I am now the most confident I have ever been. I now play with confidence and have the ability to control my mind. She has shared and given me so many tools that I can use for the rest of my life. When I first met her, I immediately felt calm and comfortable and was able to open my mind with her. I look up to her in so many ways and is my greatest role model. The amount of time she has put in with me is so inspirational and her passion for her work is moving. Ann came into my life at a very important time and has flipped my life around for the best. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 4.49_edited.jpg


Gold Medal Pickleball 3.5 Champ

I am an older athlete, yes, probably older than most of Ann’s clients and I play Pickleball. I strive to be the best I can be at this sport. I have put in a lot of time and energy with lessons, clinics and camps, working on the technical skills and strategies of Pickleball. Something was missing though. I had mental road blocks. I felt I need to address this to up my game. I realized it was just as important to focus on the mental aspect of my game. Ann has helped me address this through her mindset coaching. She has walked me through step by step on how to develop skills for the mental aspect of my Pickleball game. I know have an additional set of tools that focuses on my mindset when I play. I have to drill these tools in addition to any other Pickleball drill I do. Thanks Ann!

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  /  Tel. 123-456-7890

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