Are you feeling stuck with how to support your daughter?

Parenting a teenage girl is no easy task!

(but I am here to help!)

The teen years are so critical for building a foundation for "adulting." If you want a positive, proactive approach to help build her self-esteem and discover her strengths then Mindset Bootcamp is just the solution.

The time is now to help your daughter learn new tools for coping, growing, and finding her flow (and glow!)

 Mindset Course will cover:

Healthy Routines



Goal Setting

Pro-active Confidence
Effective Communication

Reach out if you have your own group of girls that could use a Mindset Reset

I can host small groups of 5-7 girls for a 5-week personalized program



Next program to start Jan.2023

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My daughter's work with Ann this year has helped her learn how to shine her own light, and to center herself when she encounters conflicts, both internal and external. She is a smiling, joking kid again. She is confident and passionate about what she believes in, and driven to reach her own goals.  -Jen (Bend, Or)


Video from last event

Coach Ann is amazing! She helps me in so many ways and has so many ideas. She knows how to relate to teenagers and adults very well and forms a real connection with you. I would highly recommend seeing her!

Coach Ann has been there for my 18-year-old daughter. My daughter leaves every session soaring, sparkling, standing so strong in herself and the belief in her own beautiful journey. She has felt the most profound shift in her journey, so empowered and strong and ready for her next life chapter! Ann has an incredible way of supporting a journey while strengthening the person from the inside. Her talents seem endless as I’ve watched her shift her hat from life coach to tutor to confidante to sports coach to therapist, always with an unwavering presence of mind that allows her to meet the particular needs of the individual at that moment. There’s a glow that I feel and see in my daughter that radiates from our time with Coach Ann! We know how deeply she cares and how hard she works to be there for us. It’s a feeling I wish everyone in this world could experience!

- Heidi H