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Next hike for teens

Spring 2023 in Bend, OR

Blakley Park- 3.1. miles

Hikes are geared toward women and separate hikes for teen girls

Participants will learn a simple mindfulness practice, they'll get mindset coaching in a group and in pairs, and the opportunity to connect with others on the specific theme. (Confidence, Resilience, Positive Routines, Balance, Personal Strengths, Goal Setting etc.) My intention is for hikers to walk away feeling optimistic, refreshed, and connected. I rotated all participants to get a chance to meet and walk with everyone. 

Free free to reach out to me with any questions. I can tailor a hike to meet your needs for whatever group you want to host. 

Contact me: or 541-668-2965 


My daughter attending the teen wisdom walk that Ann facilitated and she had an amazing experience! My daughter signed up with two friends but she left feeling connected to others in the group due to Ann pairing the girls and giving them challenges and scenarios to discuss. My daughter was able to talk about some of her struggles in a safe, inclusive, and mindful environment. Any outlet for her to learn how to be vulnerable and connect with other people is a success for her and for me as her mother. I would definitely recommend this event to others; Ann is in tune with teen issues and has a creative approach to accessing emotions that may be too intimidating to talk about with friends or family members. My daughter left with a stone with the word surrender written on it. I asked her what it meant and she said that it represented being ok with not having control over other peoples behaviors or emotions. What a gift! - Karyn. S

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