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Change your Mindset      Change your Life

Learn how to shift your mindset and reach your highest potential

Mindset plays a significant role in determining your life's outcome. By understanding, adapting, and shifting your mindset you can radically change your life, but that's hard to do alone with your current self. (that's where I come in!)

Whether you’ve reached a plateau, are having trouble getting inspired to achieve your goals or feel stuck in a cycle of negativity, learning ways to change your mindset can completely transform your career, relationships, and your life.

If you're ready for a radical change in your mindset and your life then you are in the right place. I will help you get crystal clear on your goals, we'll uproot old thinking, I will hold you accountable and help you re-discover your fire and passion.

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Cost $800

This is the starting point for the next chapter of your life. We're going to hit the reset button and clear your head so you can make honest, grounded choices for your future. We review your recent past, do some letting go, and then we tap into your most desired feelings. Once the slate is clean and the wisdom has been extracted then. It's a juicy productive conversation to connect your inner terrain to outer action. Be ready to commit to being all in for 6 weeks for a radical change.  

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Let's see if we're a good fit

Ocean Rocks

Decide to Rise
Lean in. Listen up. Closely.
It's your soul speaking, and she says,
Get UP!
I need you
I want you
I am you

Choose me
Decide to Rise


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Putting into words what Coach Ann has meant to my daughter and me (and the ripple effects to our whole family) will be a nearly impossible endeavor. Every session while I’m working with Ann, I feel the most profound and deep sense of gratitude that lifts me, centers me, and makes me feel supported and strong in a way that I have never felt before. Ann’s intuition and insight, her compassion, and presence are extraordinary. She brings her whole self to everything she does and listens so completely to every word, gesture, facial expression, and energy, helping me break through my own barriers and unhealthy thought patterns to crack open my best version of me. Ann prepares for every session in the most thoughtful and proactive way, allowing me to see, process, unearth and walk away with new perspectives and strategies. The “soul work” she gives me between sessions keeps me motivated to continue the healing and growth, always inspired by a seamless blend of ideas she shares mixed with my hurdles and unique way of being. I am now more confident to listen to my own inner voice. I am stronger and more centered for whatever life hands me. No matter if I’m climbing the hills or coasting down the valleys of life, I know that I have a superhero by my side, reminding me of the superhero I am! Thank you, Coach Ann, a million times and more, thank you for the gift of your wisdom, your radiance, your strength of presence, and your belief in me!!!! The ripples of what you have given us are eternally grateful.

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Jennifer. O

Coach Ann is truly remarkable. She provides profound questions and insight that help to break down decisions making tenedencies, and bring to light new layers of self-understanding. I first started working with Ann during the summer of 2020 and I am so grartful for the ongoing support. As a lifelong athlete, I thought I understood how to set goals and achieve them, but after spinning my wheels and getting nowhere on my own, Ann helped me approach my goals with an entirely new and unique perspective. The tools I've learned with Ann have helped me immensely and immediately. I have honed my "how and why" I spend my energy, and now do so in ways. that are exponentially more fulfilling. Whether you're hitting a roadblock in your career, a life decision, or spots mindst training, conditioning your mind with Ann is worth every ounce of investment! 

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at

Julie. B

I worked with Ann to rediscover my positive and vibrant self. As a mom of 2 and entrepreneur, I always felt overwhelmed with life. There was always noise in my head. I couldn’t live in moment and was always thinking about what “I had to do next”. Ann gives excellent perspective. She asks deep questions leading to attainable and sustainable practical solutions. Every session was actionable. I was always coming back home with better tools to apply in my personal and professional life. Ann is completely down to earth, fun and very approachable. I really appreciated her empowering approach. I felt supported along the way, and I’m now equipped to be more organised, more positive in general, and finally put myself at the top of my priority list. I’m so grateful for the impact Ann had on me!


Coach Ann is truly the best of the best. Her positivity and wisdom helped me through one of the most challenging times in my life. As I was finishing college and navigating life changing decisions post grad, she gave me the tools to reach my goals. We started small, but over time, it created monumental results. I still use the tools she gave me every day, and I will always cherish the practices she taught me. If you want to change your life and reach your goals, chat with the lovely Coach Ann!



I can't say enough good things about Coach Ann. She is so helpful, so perfect, and so good at identifying the problem. Then, when the problem is identified she is so good at finding practical solutions, but also being a supportive presence. A little side note, she was my Spanish teacher in high school and we stayed in contact these last 6 years because she is the best. When all other teachers in high school weren't able to talk with me, she was the one who was actually there for me. She got my teenager mood swings, and was a non-patronizing, guiding presence. There is no one like her, no one who is so unique in their background, and so caring as a person. Senora Rivera as we called her in high school, is epic, the best, and the coolest. She is a true gem!



So fortunate to be working with Ann as my life coach since October 2020. During COVID I was feeling like something was truly missing. Ann has helped me explore and learn about my inner self. She provides me the necessary tools I need to live a more positive life. Our sessions are organized, encouraging, and inspiring. She truly cares about her clients and has such wonderful energy, a positive approach, and is a true motivator. She makes things fun and it is a pleasure working with her. Her active listening, non-judgmental and motivational approach makes me feel like I can achieve anything. Thank you, Ann, for helping me learn about myself.


Linda S.

"Working with Ann has been a great investment! She has a solid format that follows whatever direction I’m going. She is very organized and so our time together is really jam-packed with great information. Ann has an amazing amount of knowledge about resources which has been so helpful; authors, podcasts, strategies on every topic I’ve looked at. She’s a trusted partner in uncovering new insights. Ann is positive and honest in a very respectful way and I look forward to continuing to benefit from all she has to offer!"

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