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 How do you truly want to feel? Are you ready for a fresh and vibrant vision for your future? Do you need a radical mindset shift? I can help you set genuine goals, remove old ways of thinking, design a daily mindful practice, and set clear action steps to get you where you want to go–and most importantly how you truly want to feel getting there. I've got your back. Your future self is counting on you. Online and in-person sessions are available.


Are you ready to unlock your athletic potential? Mindset is KEY to next-level success. Get the competitive edge with tools that will help you reach peak performance. Feel more confident, recover quickly from mistakes and build a visualization routine that will allow you to enter the flow state more often and experience greater success.



Feel the shift

My life purpose is to help women and teens unlock their deepest potential and to inspire them to courageously step into their power. My mindset treasure box is loaded with so many tools, action steps, and resources to radically change your life. I've touched the void of the dark side and I've spent some time battling my own demons. With 17 years of sobriety under my belt, clear goals, discipline (or bliss-apline as I like to say), and a consistent mindfulness practice I have learned how to dial my life into a level of fulfillment I never knew possible. I am constantly growing, evolving, learning, and holding myself to the same standard as my coaching advice. Over the past two decades, I have worn many hats; mother, wife, professional athlete, Spanish teacher, author, volleyball coach, life coach, and sports mindset coach. Coaching is my deepest calling and I am here to help you find the pathway to yours. 

Rock Balancing
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