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A 5-session program for high-level athletes who want to unlock their potential, take the reins on their mindset, and access new levels of flow & badassery. 

My name is Ann Rivera

I'm a former pro athlete who still likes to go big & I am passionate about helping athletes find more leveled-up stoke, and flow in their sport. I've got the experience and tools to help unlock your next level. Schedule a consult to see if what I provide is what you need. 


In the 5-session Sports Mindset Elite Program, I help high-performing athletes master their mindset & to develop mental strength in and out of competition  

Mental strength determines how effectively you deal with stressors, pressures and challenges. It determines whether you perform to the best of your ability, regardless of the circumstances. Your mindset is key to performing your best consistently. Let's build up your mindset tool kit.


  • Being totally locked in during competition 

  • Consistently perform with confidence

  • Being composed in big moments

  • Recovering quickly from mindset glitches during competition

  • Creating pre-competition routines

  • Reaching your goals and surprising yourself along the way

  • Competing loose and free 

  • Using effective visualization and reset techniques

  • Reducing negative thought patterns

  • Accessing flow state more often

  • Re-igniting the fire for your sport

  • Knowing the keys to unlocking your beast mode

Guy Skiing

A growth mindset doesn’t mean that you think you will suddenly become the best at everything you try. It means that you are willing to try and develop your current abilities to be even better and discover new abilities that you didn’t know were there. It is about recognizing that there are untapped parts of you just waiting to come out!
-Carol Dwek

5 Session Program

Step 1

Take the assessment below to get an insight into the areas where you could use mindset support. Then ask yourself if you are ready to invest in a mindset upgrade.

Step 3

Take the elite intake form prior our first session. You'll get a  personalized plan with 2-3 specific areas to work on. Plan to invest 1-2 hours outside our sessions to do mindset exercises. Each session we will uncover more and will streamline your thoughts and improve your ability to level up. You'll receive a session review and actionables after every session. 

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Step 2

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult to find out how I can craft a plan to help you optimize your mindset in your sport. Complete the coaching contract, pay by check, Venmo or credit card, and schedule your first session. 

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Step 4

Shred with confidence and feel more bad-ass and in control of your mind. The tools you learn in our sessions will become a working part of your training and competition. Get ready for ah-ha's that change the game for you. Check in after we finish the program with your wins and challenges and do spot check ins post-coaching. I am here to support your journey. 

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KC eames.jpeg
I am truly impressed with the insights and realizations that came to light right from the very first session with Ann. She has a profound ability to help identify and uncover thought patterns that I wasn't even conscious of, let alone aware of how they impacted my daily life and competitive mindset. She personalizes and tailors the session to my unique issues and challenges, and she effectively pinpointed the obstacles that were hindering my progress. Kind of felt like she was psychic. She provided practical exercises aimed at decluttering my mind, making me realize how much mental baggage I was carrying around unconsciously, and how it weighs me down in my game. Ann's coaching has opened a new perspective, I am much more aware of the factors influencing my thought processes, especially in the context of competition. The discovery and understanding of my personal tendencies have been incredibly eye-opening - and this is even deep into my career having played volleyball for 23 years. I wish this had been implemented in my junior club years. I think it's a huge gap missing from traditional athletic training and coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann, at any stage of your athletic career.

K.C Eames

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