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A complimentary virtual consult for sports mindset, team sessions, or life coaching



Kickstart your mental training with our Competitive Edge package, designed to lay the foundational skills you need for mental toughness and clarity in just 6 focused sessions. This introductory program provides a robust assessment, personalized planning, and targeted exercises all aimed at boosting your mental resilience and focus. At an accessible price of $780, or $400 per month over two months, embark on your journey to sharpened athletic performance with expert guidance and support.


Elevate your game with our Flow State Activate package, expertly designed to refine your mental strategies and enhance athletic performance over 8 tailored sessions. Each session includes comprehensive assessments, personalized plans, and intensive accountability measures, ensuring every aspect of your training aligns with your peak performance goals. For $980, or as little as $330 per month, unlock the mental resilience and competitive edge you need to succeed in your sport.


Unlock your ultimate performance potential with our Peak Performance Mastery package, a comprehensive 12-session program tailored to cultivate your mental mastery and flow state. This premier offering includes exclusive tools like a personalized flow state script, additional parent sessions to integrate support networks, and meticulous session reviews to enhance your mental game. Invest in your athletic excellence for $1320, or just $455 per month, and experience transformative results that transcend the competition.



Step into the elite with our Intensive Impact package, a dynamic 5-session program designed specifically for top-tier athletes aiming for rapid advancements in mental performance. This power-packed experience focuses on intensive, targeted strategies that sharpen mental acuity and elevate competitive readiness in a short timeframe. For those ready to level up quickly, invest in this elite offering and transform your mental game to match the intensity of your athletic ambition.



Life Coaching Program for adults. Get anchored & clear in your next life chapter
This is the starting point for the next chapter of your life. We're going to hit the reset button and clear your head so you can make honest, grounded choices for your future. We review your recent past, do some letting go, and then tap into your most desired feelings. Once the slate is clean and the wisdom has been extracted then. It's a juicy productive conversation to connect your inner terrain to outer action. I'll pull out of all of your inner wisdom and will reflect it back to you. Be ready to commit to being all in for 6 weeks for a radical change. 
Please schedule a consult before purchasing. 

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