After many years of thinking I would just fly solo my entire life, I serendipitously crossed paths on Catalina Island with a man who has become the most incredible life partner. Our word for 2020 was Synergy meaning we support and advocate for our individual rising so we can independently thrive and bring that back to our family for some next-level love, success, and satisfaction. My kids have been my greatest teachers and I have worked hard to find balance with being a mom and pursuing work that lights me up.



From the age of 13 until 30 volleyball defined my life. It was my identity and my ego was very wrapped up in that idea of myself. I played professionally overseas for 5 years and on the pro beach tour until I snapped my Achilles tendon. These days I am committed to helping athletes unlock their greatest potential while still enjoying the sport they love. These days Zumba is my jam see blog post for more on that passion.


I started off as an English language teacher in Switzerland and Spain and then got my teaching credential in 2004. I taught Spanish at Palos Verdes High School for a decade and ran the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program. I have a Masters in Education and hold certifications as a Life Coach and Sports Mindset coach. I've been life coaching and running workshops for over a decade. My volleyball coaching spans 20 years in the U.S. and abroad, boys and girls, indoor and beach. My long term vision is to have a retreat center for teams to come for mindset coaching and then stay at our facility and get skill training on our sand court.   


Adventuring is part of my soul. It was first sparked when I studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany. I then realized that the world was my oyster, so did what any normal person would do and got the planet earth tattooed on my back– then I would have to travel or look like an idiot. I lived in Europe for 5 years of playing professional volleyball and teaching English. Some of my greatest adventures have been walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, starting a program to help schools in Peru (see my book for full story) a month exploring Nepal with my husband and most recently a trip to Costa Rica with the whole family.